Man Hits 6,000 Yard Target with .416 Barrett

Renowned long distance shooter Paul Phillips successfully made a 6,000-yard shot using a custom rifle chambered in .416 Barrett.
Paul started shooting as a young boy, with his trusty Daisy BB gun by his side. By age 13, he was hunting small game and going afield with his father. At the age of 18, Paul joined the United Sates Marine Corps as an Infantryman. He learned the art of long range shooting as a member of 1/1 scout sniper platoon, and earned his Combat Action Ribbon with Task Force Papa Bear in 1991. After leaving the service, Paul earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University, and began competitive target shooting.

Another seasoned shooter Bill Poor made big news in shooting circles when he successfully pulled off a 3-mile (5,280 yards) shot near Midland, Texas back in 2018. Well, Paul Phillips outdid him with an eye-popping 6,000-yard shot on January 20, 2019.

Phillips was shooting a custom rifle chambered in .416 Barrett firing 550-grain Cutting Edge bullets. His target was a steel plate 32″ tall and 48″ wide, 6,102 yards away.
From a 100-yard zero the shot needed 625 MOA of elevation. As you can see in the video, 10 degrees of barrel angle was necessary to hit the target at that extreme range. You can skip to 1:37 in the video where Paul makes the shot below.

To give you an idea of just how far 6,000 yards is, with a muzzle velocity of 3,000 feet per second, that round took 17 seconds to reach the target!

In addition to breaking Bill Poor’s unofficial record of 3 miles, Phillips’ 6,000 yard shot also surpassed the impressive shooting achievements of retired Navy SEAL SEAL Charles Melton (2.84 miles/5,000 yards) in 2017 as well as the Hill Country Rifle Team (3,800-yards in 2015 and 4,210-yards in 2016).