Pocket Ox

Pocket Ox mini hoists have Sealed Stainless steel Bearings on ¼ inch Stainless Clevis Pins and Delrin® Sheaves. The Delrin® Sheaves have been machined from rod billet stock for a more consistent compression strength than injection molded parts of similar dimensions. The laser cut plates that make up the body of the blocks are 304 Stainless steel as are the custom split pins. Each block has attachment bridles comprised of 25 ft.

1/8-inch Vectran® rated by the manufacturer at 2,400 lbs. The Orange Spectra® fiber Gripbraid® reeving line is rated at 800 lbs. This line has been braided with a more easily gripped texture exclusively for Pocket Ox by a world leading Kite Surfing line manufacturer. Each production model is fitted with a length of Gripbraid® that facilitates block to block travel of 12 feet. Longer lengths and other modifications for special use cases can be quoted as custom builds.

If you need more info go to http://www.pocketox.com/