Frag 12 Exploding Shotgun Shell

We all like to see things go kaboom and like shooting a shotgun.
So, did you know theres an exploding shotgun round that can satisfy this passion?
Well I introduce to you the Frag12 T17 12 GAUGE High Explosive (HE) round.
The concept is the same as the 40mm HE round thats fired from the military M-203 grenade launcher.
In this case the shotgun slug Frag12 projectile is embedded into the slug.
Once the primer is hit the projectile is launched and the warhead arms itself at 3 meters while in flight and detonates upon impact.
There are three different types of projectile encased inside a 12 gauge shotgun shell:
Armor piercing
High Explosive
The FRAG-12 HE-AP round incorporates a shaped charge to allow it to penetrate 1/2-inch steel armor plate.
Maximum effective range is 175 meters.

According to the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) they stated, “the main reason for experimentation [with the FRAG-12 ammo family] is to examine these rounds as potential improvements to the combat-effectiveness of shotguns in urban areas [for urban warfare operations], using shotguns for stopping vehicles [vehicle interdiction] at roadblocks and checkpoints, barricade attack, and remote probing of potential Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).”
This slug is quite lethal, currently available only to the military and law enforcement.
Most of us think heavy buckshot and massive shotgun slugs are the end all in shotgun power. That was true until the Frag-12 exploding shotgun round showed up.