Ulticlip’s new Slim

Designed for ease of carry, concealment and retention, Ulticlip is unlike any holster clip on the market.
“The major complaint of firearm and knife owners is that there is a lack of retention and versatility with their clips,” explains Ulticlip president Randall Darby. “We hear stories of holsters coming off when the owner draws their firearm, or their knife not being accessible.”
They were looking for a clip that would provide a superior carry option that would offer concealment, exceptional retention, and would work without having to wear a belt.

Our original Ulticlip is designed as a solution to fix those issues. It works with leather or singlepoint-attachment holsters.”
Its unique design allows holsters to be securely clipped on clothing and
bags, while still remaining concealed.
No matter what you’re wearing, where you’re going, or what you’re carrying, Ulticlip has got you covered. The company now offers a number of models to choose from, depending on your needs.
Explains Darby, “As Kydex and hybrid sheaths and holsters gained
popularity, we introduced the Ulticlip3. Ulticlip3 offers the same
qualities of the original design, plus the versatility of multiple mounting options.
Next in the lineup is the Ulticlip XL. The XL is highlighted with a multitool flap, and was developed with belt carry in mind.”
The newest products from Ulticlip, the Slim 2.2 and 3.3, are designed
specifically for smaller knife sheaths and holsters.
“Before Ulticlip, the downside of carrying a knife is that you had to attach your sheath on a belt with an inferior standard clip. This did not allow the user to carry beltless, on shorts, in a purse or backpack,” says Darby. “In late summer we introduced two new clips, the Slim 3.3 and the Slim 2.2.
The Slim design has the same retention and concealment benefits of the full-size Ulticlip, but the narrow profile makes them ideal for smaller knife sheaths and smaller holster designs.
The innovative clamping design allows the user to securely carry a knife or tool sheath horizontally, vertically, sideways or downward. The options are endless.” Ulticlip is a product that truly works, and the company’s customer base is a testament to that.
“You can have the best customer service, which we try to provide, or
fancy slogans, but if a product doesn’t deliver what is promised, people won’t buy it. People all over the world have become fans of Ulticlip,” says Darby. “We determined from the beginning to be a company that would
show integrity in all its dealings; we would be known for quality products and we wanted to make a U.S. product that we could stand behind.
It has been successful because it filled a need. We desire to be good stewards of what we have. With great success comes a greater responsibility. As a Christian based business we support and partner with faith-based projects around the world.” ? Editor’s note: For more information, visit ulticlip.com.