The Plus Side of COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted a great many things including guns and ammo sales which have skyrocketed this month. Americans are lining up at local gun shops and the word on the street is that many of those purchases are being made by first time owners.

While empty gun stores and an ammo scarcity can be quite irritating, I choose to look at this as a positive. We have recently had a huge influx of people take the red pill. It’s our job now to bring them into the fold. I imagine that some of these people will go back into the matrix when the panic is over, but many many more could join us as 2A supporters.

So if you know someone new to firearms consider helping them out – at the appropriate social distance, of course. Teach them gun safety and the importance of individual rights. Talk to them about the responsibility of a citizen in a republic founded on the concept that the authority of government is derived from the consent of the governed.

Show them how ridiculously FUN it is to shoot stuff. Most of all, if you catch someone being rude to a new gun owner, step in and help. I know some of these folks might have previously been stridently anti and it’s tempting to be petty, but isn’t it more important to grow our ranks? Leave all the other politics to the side and help them learn about gun rights and responsible gun handling. This is where we turn the corner, folks.

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