Breaking Leather while in the Vehicle

There’s more to it than Drawing your Pistol in a Vehicle

Just a Note: The following topic is talked about in small groups of CCW carriers that are defensive minded and it involves gunfights while in a vehicle. Many people have written about it and we’re not the first.Take this article as a grain of salt. By all means take every tactical courses of fire that you can to learn about it first hand.

Drawing a pistol while in a vehicle is nothing new. The perspective from this is for the private Joe. Not from a contractor conducting exec-protection for a VIP or as a response force member for a nuclear convoy. Just you getting into your vehicle going to the store down the road.
There are many great readings on this, such as this one from Guns and Ammo. Matter of fact Kyle Lamb(author) goes into the intricacies of drawing but with the seat belt on.

I gotta admit thats another take on the subject, but it is also true that most of us do wear a seat belt while driving. Kyle goes into the different draws based on the type of carrier that you are and what can slow your draw down.

(Lukas Lamb photo)

What about the Pocket Pistol Carrier?
As you can see appendix carry is the fastest method to draw from in this illustration. Obviously, a quicker way if you were aware with the ability to see the future before the Sh!# hits the fan, is to have the pistol already out.
Which comes to mind another minority group of concealed carriers, they are the pocket pistol carrier.
This of course can be even more of a challenge to get your p shooter out. Struggling to get your hands into your pocket and fumbling to get a grip of the gun to pull it out.

If you’re the die-hard pocket pistol carrier, no worries there are special pants that caters to your needs. The special pants with specialize pockets with easy access can quicken your draw time. Something like this from CCW Breakaways, their pockets are designed to be a pocket holster. Breaking leather, in this case is breaking pockets that makes it easy to get to your pistol safely.

Which carry is best for a Vehicle?
I am not going to try and commando this keyboard to tell you that X is better to use than Y. The short answer is have the pistol out and ready, but be sure it can be quickly accessed. This can be from your crotch, secret bat compartment, the crevice between the door and your seat, etc.. You decide and play with that.

Last if you want more information from that have trained people from all sorts of background. Look into Craig Douglas of ECQC, Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical Systems, Matt Graham of Graham Combat. They cover everything from gunfights while engaged in a vehicle to extreme close quarter where you can smell the bad guy/gal’s bad breath. Just to give you an idea of extreme close=quarter, here’s a fight in a vehicle that involves a pistol. Btw, its a female thats defending against the male passenger.