6.5 Creedmoor vs .308 Winchester

So which calibers do you prefer between the 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester at 1,000 yards? Its obvious the answers will be slightly different if you’re using it for hunting or plinking. More than likely no one will hunt a game at 1,000 yards due to their level of marksmanship. Too many environmental factors are involved to calculate your turkey windage let alone hoping that your game is sitting still long enough.

Youtuber GLgunsandgear did a shootout comparison a while back. They pitted these 2 calibers at 1,000 yards with semi-autos AR’s. Now just so you know just because we’re taking a look at these two different shooters does not mean that the results from this is accurate. Shooter proficiency at long range varies for the amateur hobbyist vs a shooter with a higher skill level. Check out the video below.

X-Caliber Barrel
20 inch with 1-10 Twist

Environment Factors:
178 AMAX
8.9 Mil Elevation
2.2 Mil Windage

1st shot was low right of the plate(hit/ricochet)
2nd shot was a miss
3rd shot was low right (hit/ricochet)
4th shot was low right (hit/ricochet)
5th shot was hit 2’clock position
6th shot was hit 5’clock position
7th shot was hit 12’clock position
8th shot was hit 3’clock position
9th shot was hit lower mid left 8’clock position

155 Sierra Matching
8.2 Mil Elevation
2.7 Mil Windage

1st shot was a miss
2nd shot was a miss but looked like bullet hit the steel plate stand(right)
3rd shot was a hit hit low left 8’clock position
4th shot was a hit but can’t tell where
5th shot was a miss
6th shot was a hit left 9’clock position
7th shot was a hit left 10’clock position

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6.5 Creedmoor
Bartlien Barrel
22 inch with 1-8 Twist

Environment Factors:
140Gr AMAX
7.8 Mil Elevation
1.3 Mil Windage

1st shot was a miss
2nd shot was a miss, looked like it hit the top right chain
3rd shot was a miss, hit chain or leg
4th shot was a low ricochet hit
5th shot was a low ricochet hit
6th shot was a low ricochet hit
7th shot was a miss
8th shot was a HIT mid low 6 o’clock
9th shot was a low ricochet hit
Remaining shots were a mix of low ricochet to misses

Different Shooter – First two shots were hit near top 2 o’clock position with remaining of low ricochets to misses while shooting at a rapid pace.

The overall impression is that caliber wise you can reach out and touch something, this is not an issue. Shooter proficiency is a different story in the hands of a F class long range shooter with this current setup. Another note is that at the lower level of marksmanship when you try to shoot at a faster rate, you will miss.

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