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Shooting around corner Guns was experimented during WWII, modern day version is the CornerShot that takes this technology to another level to save lives

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Among their many groundbreaking firearm innovations, the Model 700 and Model 870 are seen as the best guns of all time.

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Shotgun has Knock Down power its 00 buck. AR’s High Velocity & Capacity with 30 round Mag makes up for lack of Knock Down Power. Which is better?

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Which gun laid down the Design Groundwork for the 1911 or Smith&Wesson? Find out here..

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These Lighweight Mouse Gun are perfect for CCW & goes unnoticeable, The pistols in this list are very small, perfect for EDC.

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Delphi Tactical offers high-quality product at an affordable price with unparalleled customer service.

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Norma’s Oryx bullet has the rear portion of the jacket chemically bonded to the core, allowing for reliable expansion at the front of the bullet.

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