As a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army and currently serving as a Sergeant Major in the Special Operations community, Joey D’Alessio knows firsthand what shooters want in a firearm: a high-quality product at an affordable price with unparalleled customer service. Which is exactly what he offers at his Raeford, North Carolina-based company, Delphi Tactical.

Founded in 2012, Joey and his wife initially sold tactical gear and accessories to generate funding to launch their own custom firearms brand. “Delphi Tactical is a true example of the American dream, and how a few dedicated folks can bring something incredible to bear through teamwork, hard work and perseverance,” he says. “Our goal is to change the custom firearms experience one customer at a time. What others consider upgrades, we consider standard.”

When it comes to the business, Joey draws from his military experience – where he has successfully navigated every enlisted rank possible – and the skills and knowledge he has gained throughout his service.

“Having been in an environment for almost 20 years in which failure is not an option in some of the most unforgiving places on the planet, we operate the same way at Delphi Tactical,” he explains. “Our entire staff is completely made up of veterans or spouses of veterans. This enables us to collectively bring years of tangible experience and knowledge to our brand, our customers and our industry. Our business was built around providing the best customer service and education to the end user. We believe that educating our customers enables them to make an informed purchase based on their specific needs and requirements.”

Delphi Tactical is part of a larger network of veteran-owned businesses in North Carolina, dubbed the NC Tactical Syndicate, that works together to provide customers a vetted list of tactical and firearms professionals.

As part of this network, Delphi Tactical specializes in AR rifles, offering 13 different models. “Each model is purpose-built with specific requirements or mission profiles in mind, and can be purchased as either a “Base” or “Elite” option,” says Joey. “Our base model firearms are well above mil-spec standards, however our elite model firearms offer multiple upgrades at incredible savings to our customers. All of our firearms come with a lifetime transferable warranty and sub-MOA accuracy guarantee, in addition to shipping in an FAA-approved custom hard case from Patriot Cases.”

Some of Delphi Tactical’s most popular platforms are the DP-15 Centurion, DP-15 R.A.I.D., DP-15 Silverbow, DP-15 Legionnaire and DP-10 Agincourt. All of their production firearms also come with the choice of Graphite Black, Sniper Grey or Burnt Bronze Cerakote as a standard option.

The newest offering is the aforementioned DP-15 R.A.I.D. (Responsive Actions and Integrated Disciplines) platform. It is available as both an AR Pistol or factory-built SBR, chambered in 5.56 or .223 Wylde. Having a length of 12.5 inches, it provides both more rifling and real estate to the shooter, while maintaining a low profile.

“This specific platform was designed with and named after the Raidon Tactics R.A.I.D. Engagement System taught by Frankie McCrae,” explains Joey. “The idea was to create a single platform that was both surgically accurate, lightweight and incredibly versatile among the multiple disciplines of marksmanship. This platform provides the perfect balance to close-quarters marksmanship, personal defense and mid-range tactical applications.”

In addition to their line of production firearms, Delphi Tactical also offers gunsmithing services, custom polymer frame modification and stippling, and Cerakote firearms coating. As factory-trained and certified Cerakote applicators, they are able to offer customers both creativity and incredible value.

Delphi Tactical’s products have proved popular with civilian shooters and military vets alike, thanks to their high-quality craftsmanship, surgical tolerances and supplementary services, not to mention the “piece of mind knowing that their firearms were designed, manufactured and inspected by warfighters with years of experience behind firearms,” says Joey.

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