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What’s your top 10 war movies that would make you binge watch all day? This list ranks the best movies

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Buckyball magnetic buckshot seemed like a good idea. How would these spherical magnets do loaded in a shotgun shell? What

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This shotgun is not a shotgun, according to U.S. gun laws. Check out this incredible Fostech Origin 12 SBV “Firearm”, not a classified as a Shotgun.

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Watch as a criminal finds out in the blink of an eye that it is not a good idea to test a war veteran. They are always prepared and packing heat.

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Feral hog eradication that will blow your mind. Taking out feral hogs is important in Texas, and these guys do it by any means necessary. seriously.

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An estimated 3 million Americans carry a loaded gun on their person every day, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health.

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Hitting a snake with a bow would be difficult, but hitting two snakes on the same shot… well that is incredibly amazing.

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