The Top 5 Glocks for Personal Defense

Take a look at the ideal Glocks for concealed carry and personal defense.
These are some of the most prestigious and popular self- and home defense weapons made by one of the world’s leaders in master weapon engineering and production, Glock.

Glock has been one of the leaders in self-defense and tactical weapons for years with their top notch designs and perfection in the art of producing some of the world’s leading firearms. So the question remains, are you carrying the right weapon for your protection?

Where does a person draw the line that tells them that they are well protected by the weapon they have chosen to keep themselves and their families safe?

Take note that these weapons are by no means in any sort of order due to cost, effectiveness, or popularity.

Glock 30S

The Glock Model 30S is a sub-compact firearm great for concealed carry due to the ability to conceal and maneuver easily from wherever it is placed on the body.

With a standard magazine load of ten rounds, this compact pistol packs a heavy punch firing a deadly .45 caliber rounds with maximum knockdown power and effectiveness.

This weapon weighs in at 30.16 ounces with a full magazine and is a very well balanced firearm with its fixed sights, polymer frame, and its tenifer coated steel slide.

Coming in at 6.97 inches in length with a 3.78 inch barrel this weapon comes in a size that is perfect for many concealment arrangements. Its dimensions also make a very good weapon for concealment under the clothes or in the waistband.

Glock 36

Moving on to the next prodigy in the world of concealed carry weapons, the Glock Model 36 weighs in at a light weight of 27.00 ounces fully loaded, making it the lightest on this list.

Also, this particular Glock model happens to be a very slim weapon, making it very easy and comfortable to carry. With a standard magazine load of six rounds of .45 ACP, it is a small weapon with a bite to make up for its lacking size.

This weapon is made standard with Glock’s Slimline design and single stack magazine giving it a unique comfort. It is 6.96 inches long and 4.76 inches high.

This weapon would be considerably compact but at the same time fairly bulky due to its dimensions. With its design leaving the mag release rather exposed and sticking out rather far, this would make it very easy to press while in the waistband or without a holster.

Glock 19 Gen4

The third weapon on the list is one of the Gen 4 models, giving it certain attributes not offered with some standard Glock weapon models. The Glock Model 19 Gen4 comes standard in a 9x19mm round and a fully loaded magazine capacity of 15 rounds.

It comes standard with modular back strap design, making it much easier to change the grips of the weapon to acclimate a particular shooters comfort ability for maximum effectiveness in all situations.

The Glock 19 is also equipped with Gen 4 rough textured technology giving the carrier a firm feel and grip on the weapon for better handling. The new recoil spring assembly offered with this weapon makes the system able to last longer in the most trying conditions, ultimately adding a longer lifespan to the spring assembly.

A much larger and also reversible magazine catch was also implemented into the design of this weapon, giving it the ability to be altered to suit left and right handed shooters. With a length of 7.28 inches, a fully loaded weight of 30.18 ounces and a standard Glock rail for attachments, this weapon is one of the epitomes of a great firearm for concealed carry.

Glock 22 Gen4

The fourth weapon on our list is very similar to the last one discussed. Seeing as this weapon is also a Gen4, the Glock Model 22 Gen4 also has the modular back strap design, larger reversible magazine catch, rough textured technology for grip, Glock accessory rail, and dual recoil spring assembly.

This weapons is sold in a standard .40 caliber and is widely used by many law enforcement agencies around the world as their chosen service pistol.

Holding its posture with a length of 7.95 inches and a loaded weight of 34.42 ounces, this weapon is the longest and heaviest on the list. It also has a 15 round fully loaded magazine capacity.

This weapon is weighted in all aspects to accommodate accuracy and comfort. With a 5.5 pound trigger pull like all other Glock weapons discussed in this article, its trigger squeeze is the perfect match for its dimensions and weight. That makes it a great concealed carry weapon with a sleek design and ultimate comfort.

Glock 23

The last weapon for this list is the Glock Model 23. The G23 is a compact weapon, making it an excellent choice for concealed carry or open carry.

Firing a standard .40 caliber round and having a fully loaded magazine at a whopping 13 rounds, this little piece of defense is what many would consider perfect for the concealed self-defense weapon category.

With its length at 7.36 inches and loaded weight at 31.06 ounces this weapon is well balanced and constructed to near perfection for self-defense and also the defense of others.

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