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Want a new AR, but can’t afford it? No problem, just gather and collect up a bunch of soda cans. Melt it down then view this video to show you the rest.

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Some people are just asking to get hurt when they hold a firearm. This video highlights those 17 who almost really hurt themselves.

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The MOD*X Side Folder Mechanism allows KRISS Vector owners to add their own AR-style pistol braces or butt stocks to be used in a side-folding configuration.

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Looking for a great bargain and value AR? Here is our list of top 10 AR-15 rifles out there.

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Eva Shockey’s New Book Chronicles a Triumphant Return to Alaska After a Brush with Death.

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Demolition Ranch was sent a simple piece of homemade armor by a fan. And it turns out, it holds up surprisingly well in shooting tests!

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Brazilian Police seized an entire homemade .380 semi-automatic pistol which was made in the perp’s backyard, presumably from melted down Coca-Cola cans.

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