Homemade Armor that Actually Works!!

This homemade armor actually works!
Demolition Ranch has tested all sorts of stuff to see how well it would hold up as makeshift body armor with mixed results in the past.

But now, a viewer (Andy) has sent him a simple piece of homemade armor, (1/4 inch un-harden steel glued to a horstall mat) and surprisingly enough, it holds up really well. And that’s saying something considering the damage Matt is known for dishing out!

Matt of Demolition Ranch used these calibers:

  • .22
  • 9mm
  • .45ACP
  • .50AE
  • 12 Gauge

Who would have thought something as simple as a horse stall mat, flex seal and a simple unhardened steel plate could stand up so well to small arms fire? Here I thought flex seal was only good for taping together a boat!

Granted, once you get into those heavier and larger rounds, the armor lost its effectiveness. But for a homemade project, it’s pretty darn impressive stuff! Keep this simple design in mind for a SHTF scenario.

Sources: Matt, Demolition Ranch, Travis Smola