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June 9th, 2014 by jhines

I own multiple bags that have the option of carrying a concealed handgun inside. Most of the time it is

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July 16th, 2013 by jhines

Has anyone heard of CrossFit? If you were in the military you may have. CrossFit is a core strength and

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June 3rd, 2013 by jhines

There are many methods of mental training for increasing your skill in sport shooting. Many methods are based off of

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May 29th, 2013 by jhines

Planning an out of state hunting or shooting trip? Flying to your destination sometimes makes good sense, but the logistics

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May 1st, 2013 by jhines

Firearms Training – Stress Fire Shooting Implementing Stress fire shooting will greatly enhance your shooting skills for real life threats.

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April 25th, 2013 by jhines

Staying on Target During Rapid Fire There are times to shoot fast and rapidly for practice, sports or self defense.

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April 24th, 2013 by jhines

One of our past post from an experienced UPS driver had a great suggestion on decreasing the chance of theft

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