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Firearms Training – Stress Fire Shooting

Implementing Stress fire shooting will greatly enhance your shooting skills for real life threats. This course of fire is preached by all top gun schools which was spearheaded by early pioneer Massad Ayoob, Internationally known Firearms and Self-Defense Instructor.

There’s nothing like getting your heart pumping and engaging target in the shortest amount of time. Stress fire simulates the heart rate that you would be experiencing if you were faced with a dangerous scenario that you must negotiate, and the use of force (firearms) is the method of employment.

Basic Stress Fire Drill

Doing these drills you will find out that most of these shooting stances are combative in nature at close quarter, even with an assault rifle like the M4. (sorry civilian assault rifle is the AR-15 Carbine) Below is a long video of Corey and Erika of Range Time Tactical Shooting LLC demonstrating a stress fire course utilizing an assault rifle with a sidearm. The ranges varies in distances from 10 meters out to 300 meters. Have a look..

Key Takeaways

  • Running – interval running will get your body condition
  • Isoceles stance with a Crouch – Close Quarter engagements with assault rifle and pistol
  • Breathing – train yourself to pause your breathing as you shoot
  • On Target – get back on target quickly, sight alignment
  • Steady Platform – When moving to threat area, and contact is expected – steady your movement so there isn’t any bouncing up and down while you have your weapon pointed.

As always be safe while training and have fun! Please comment below with any questions or suggestions on what you would like to read about.

Courtesy Video of Range Time Tactical Shooting


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