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A Revolver is just a simple point-and-shoot weapon with a very low failure rate.

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Flintlocks weren’t the only weapon at the disposal of early American settlers – Indian tomahawks were even part of Revolutionary War soldiers’ fighting kit.

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The legend of a long-ago buffalo hunter and a .44-caliber barrel recently found ‘in the dust’ combine in a special Model 1874 Sharps.

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Barnes’ all-copper TTSX bullet ‘has yet to disappoint’ for clients of custom handloader.

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One tangible connection to the human cost of the Civil War can be found in a beautifully engraved Henry repeating rifle, number 19 found in Kentucky.

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While some of these gun racks look to be on the dangerous side of legal, others are wrong for entirely other reasons.

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UltiClip provides a superior carry option that would offer concealment, exceptional retention, and would work without having to wear a belt.

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[su_heading size=”30″]It’s Real, Do not try this at Home[/su_heading] Magicians are well-known for their death-defying acts. Some, like the Masked

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The German MP40 submachine gun (Schmeisser) was a weapon our Allied Forces feared in World War II.

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THE AR Pistol is a great self-defense platform, as it is portable to conceal and transport, , Veritas Tactical provides quality AR Pistols.

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