by asjstaff

Jerry Miculek demonstrates rapid firing a pair of quad double barrel 1911 .45 ACP by Arsenal Firearms. Jerry fires off

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Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 15.31.37
by Danielle Breteau

The amount of work and level of detail, all done by this one guy determined to make the coolest bunker

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  Depends on the Barrel Length     When 30 carbine was introduced during WW2, many called it inadequate. It

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PHOTO 1 C39v2_DSC9111-min
by Danielle Breteau

Review by Tatiana Whitlock • Photography by Oleg Volk   well-made, accurate and good-looking AK-47 that is 100 percent made in

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by asjstaff

We’ve all been part of these discussions, and we’ve all read a ton of them on forums and blogs over

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PHOTO 1 12039604_907379906002721_2534594724733129749_n
by Danielle Breteau

The American Shooting Journal spends a lot of time with different products and one of the things we do is

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Veteran Jose Martinez
by Danielle Breteau

Story by Troy Rodakowski • Photographs by Veteran Sportsman Alliance rowing up in Compton, Calif., wouldn’t be easy for anyone. This

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Rt Angle Jpg-min
by Danielle Breteau

  nland Manufacturing has just announced their new and fascinating pistol. It’s an M1, it’s a carbine and it’s a pistol,

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by asjstaff

A recent Reddit post made me want to reach through the screen and shake the author. This particular issue comes

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PHOTO 5 Professional hunting guide Cesar and I with our trophy deer.
by Danielle Breteau

Story By Brittany Boddington ne of the world’s most elusive species of whitetail lives in the high mountains of Peru.

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Chris Sajnog SEAL
by Danielle Breteau

Exclusive interview by John Oliver • Photographs provided by Chris Sajnog hen the opportunity presented itself to interview one of

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PHOTO US_64th_regiment_celebrate_the_Armistice
by Danielle Breteau

he History Of Veterans Day, as we know it today, is celebrated each year on November 11 in honor of

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AF-2 First Aerial Gun Fire 10/30/2015. Pilot Maj Charles Trickey, Flt 527 Test 778. Test was conducted over China Lake Weapon Range, California.
by Danielle Breteau

Story by Kelsey D. Atherton F-35A Fires Its Gun In Tests Chad Bellay, Edwards F-35 Integrated Test Force For between $98

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by Erica Deshaies

HIPERFIRE announces its new EDT3 (Enhanced Duty Trigger3) AR fire-control group for the AR15/10 rifle. It completes HIPERFIRE’s enhanced duty

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