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You read right, this beast of a shotgun has 6 barrels and holds 48 rounds at a time. The ultimate

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Legendary Arms Works is proud of their line of hunting rifles, and the company will soon move into the tactical and long-range fields too.
by Sam Morstan


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AR-15: the Ideal home defense? Everybody has an AR because of its reliability, durability and flexibility. Besides owning a shotgun

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by Sam Morstan

Terry Raahauge 2nd Annual Memorial Shoot In support of the American Cancer Society Saturday July 30th & Sunday July 31st Terry

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4D Reamers offers the widest selection of reamers – over 1,000 options – for rent, giving professional gunsmiths and hobbyists the ability to create almost any caliber they want without the huge investment of owning the necessary tools to create them.
by Sam Morstan

INTERVIEW BY STEVE JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF 4D REAMERS ow did 4D Reamers become the leading name in custom reamers,

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by Sam Morstan

Custom Metal Products today announced the newest release of their growing product line, the Quick Ship Tactical Hostage Target. The Tactical

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Some of the most elite K9’s graduate from the Force Training Institute in Florida.
by Sam Morstan

STORY BY DANIELLE BRETEAU * PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF FTI K9 orking dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but it

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Larry Vickers serving in Delta Force sporting a CAR-15 with a flashlight attached to the bottom. The size of the flashlight should give some insight into the age of this photo.
by Sam Morstan

STORY BY TROY TAYSOM * PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF LARRY VICKERS nternet videos have launched numerous people into stardom, many for

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by Sam Morstan

STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MIKE NESBITT he .44 Smith & Wesson Russian is a rather stubby little cartridge. It has

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The Model 722 comes in three variants: the simple Sporter, the more refined Classic and the heavy-barreled Varmint.
by Sam Morstan

Review And Photographs By Oleg Volk eystone Arms has long been known for single-shot .22-caliber bolt-actions for kids. Last year,

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by Sam Morstan

July 5, 2016 (Grawn, Mich.) After successfully launching their flagship iHunt by Ruger Speaker and app e-caller in 2015, Extreme

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The CZ 612 Magnum Turkey Shotgun is an excellent all-around fowl-hunting shotgun.
by Sam Morstan

STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY LARRY CASE K, I confess: I may not be the best traveler in the world. To

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Noveske Rifleworks is known for being the Porsche of the AR-platform world, and continues to dominate the industry simply by being the best.
by Sam Morstan

Story by Troy Taysom * Photographs Courtesy of Noveske Rifleworks he AR-15 is arguably the most popular rifle platform ever.

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When training for the real world, shouldn’t you train in the real world?
by Sam Morstan

hen training for self defense, it is not uncommon to find yourself in a karate or jujitsu class, or at

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