Craig Morgan is many things – husband, father, singer-songwriter, true patriot who has served in the military and continues to support the armed forces, and a hunter.
by Sam Morstan

STORY BY TROY TAYSOM * PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF OUTDOOR CHANNEL oldier, paratrooper, air assaulter, deputy sheriff, singer, songwriter, EMT, TV

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In addition to guarding U.S. Air Force missile fields, “Sky Cops” also protect the nation’s bomber fleet. Here, Airman 1st Class Arlando Budd, assigned to the 509th Security Forces Squadron, provides security near a B-2 Spirit at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo. (SENIOR AIRMAN NICK WILSON, USAF)
by Sam Morstan

STORY BY TROY TAYSOM Editor’s note: Part I in this series last issue covered the U.S. Air Force’s Office of

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by Sam Morstan

SIG SAUER, Inc. today announced it has finalized plans to relocate its ammunition manufacturing operation from Eubank, Kentucky to a

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Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia is the world’s largest living museum. This historic site is home to period-perfect gun and blacksmith shops, as well as grounds and architecture. They also handmake the famous Brown Bess musket and have just created a musket range where guests can shoot these smoothbores. (COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG)
by Sam Morstan

Story by Larry Case lthough not a soldier himself, Rudyard Kipling was familiar with the British army, their weapons and

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by Sam Morstan

ith the recent jump in concealed-carry permit requests across the country, more women than ever are purchasing guns. A national online

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Gun laws around the world vary greatly. Many countries have very lenient gun-ownership laws, and statistics show that they benefit from very low crime rates. (ERIC KINCAID)
by Sam Morstan

Story by Alexandria Kincaid icture a tiny, Christmas town filled with classic Alpine chalets and surrounded by mountains, with the citizens working

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Czechpoint USA’s vz. 58 Carbine in 7.62×39 is the equivalent of the Czech automatic weapon model 58 with a few modifications: an extended 16-inch barrel with shroud and the automatic capability removed.
by Sam Morstan

Review and photographs by Oleg Volk he Samopal vzor 58, or Automatic weapon model 58, was put into Czechoslovak military service in the

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Eva Shockey is the modern image of women who hunt. Having grown up immersed in the hunting industry and around her Outdoor Channel,  TV-celebrity and wildlife-icon father, Jim Shockey, has not kept Eva from blazing her own path.
by Sam Morstan

Story By Larry Case • Photographs Courtesy Of Outdoor Channel The 2016 Archery Trade Association (ATA) show was in full

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Rachel Trexler is a modern-day woman by all standards, and represents what is fast becoming the norm across the nation. What many do not realize is the journey she took to go from girl to badass, with the credentials to prove it.
by Sam Morstan

STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY RACHEL TREXLER  his is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.” The

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P200HI Pro 200 highlander
by Sam Morstan

  Pro Ears has been manufacturing and marketing electronic and passive hearing protection since 1998, and has always been considered a

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by Danielle Breteau

  Story by Aaron Smith Gun maker Beretta USA is opening a new factory on Friday, the culmination of generous

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The Air Force Office of Special Investigations is often considered to be the FBI of the Air Force. Their roles in investigating crimes around the world ranges from fingerprint processing, just like special agent Adam Deem is demonstrating, to countering drug trafficking, insurgent explosive devices and gang activities. (USAF)
by Sam Morstan

‘The Eyes Of The Eagle’ STORY BY TROY TAYSOM n 1947 the world was rebuilding after the most devastating global conflict

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The Henry repeating rifle holds a longstanding legacy for its accuracy and being a technological marvel in its time.
by Sam Morstan

STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY FRANK JARDIM One tangible connection to the human cost of the Civil War can be found in the

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by Sam Morstan

ear readers of the American Shooting Journal: I come to you this month with hat in hand, shoulders slumped and a defeated

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