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These Exploding Bullets were known to be used for Sabotaged but was used by Snipers as well during World War II.

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by Danielle Breteau

Learn the primitive art of Longrife building in the heart of Kentucky – Skills and Art passed on down through generations.

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From a visual stand point the .308 towers over the .223 round but, what you use the Cartridge for is a better way to go.

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This weird revolver is a break-action weapon, the Pistola con Caricato features three barrel.

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Getting shot at is not a good thought but there are unfortunate ones that have survived to tell you what its like to get shot at.

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by jhines

If you carry a gun for living, you too are benefiting from the legacy of Lt. Col. Cooper Gun Training.

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In 1960s U.S. Army used Suppressed Revolvers that were specifics for hunting Viet Congs inside of tunnels during the Vietnam war.

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