On Target Shooting Drills

Shooting handguns proficiently can be acquired with diligent practice.
Primary goal is always be accurate, but naturally speed comes into play.
There are many handgun speed drills out there that you can look up.

Bill Drill

Enter “Bill Drill”, this drill is more of a concept than a drill its concept can be applied to any type of speed drills that you come up with. This drill by nature hones your ability to shoot fast. So here are some concepts to embrace:

  • Accuracy – Get everything on target
  • Speed – Shoot as fast as you can

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Yes, there is more to it than that. First off here is the Bill drill if you’re not familiar with it. Shoot 6 shots as fast as you can and get all on target. The distance is up to you, obviously we always start at close distance and work to increase the distance. You can be in the standing position or seated.

So the idea is this, if you can get all shots into a specified target (8″circle) with speed then you increase your distance or bump up to hyperspeed.

[tippy title=”Target Missed“][/tippy]

If you’re getting out of control with speed and missing the target, then slow down your shots to be accurate.

[tippy title=”Target On“][/tippy]

If all 6 shots are on target, increase your speed (trigger pull) that you feel is fast or use a timer to record. Once you’re satisfied with the speed increase your distance.


Using this approach regulates how fast you should go to challenge yourself to be better. It is up to you to how you want to apply the concept of this drill.

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