UPS Driver Suggestions for Shipping Firearms (Visual Presentation)

One of our past post from an experienced UPS driver had a great suggestion on decreasing the chance of theft while shipping firearms. Here is a visual presentation of that description.

Highlights of the Method

  • Disguise the box place the weapon inside a  larger box
  • Firearms are required to have an ASR, “Adult Signature Required” label.
  • Use ASR label embed in a regular UPS label, as the text is smaller.
  • Have return address label on all 6 sides.

Click on the Box

[edge_animation id=”2″]

Following this suggestions can greatly reduce the risk of getting your prize weapon stolen. With the ASR on label, UPS drivers must get a signature on their digital pad. Having labels on all sides of the boxes will take longer to cover all sides of the boxes with phony labels. This will be picked up on video surveillance as suspicious activities.

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