PRODUCT REVIEW: With Handi-racker, You’ve Got This!

Keep Your Hands To Yourself, I’ve Got This.

Review and photographs by Danielle Breteau
To use the Handi-Racker, place the racker onto your slide. Once placed, put gentle pressure on top – just enough to hold it in place. Place the front end of the racker against a solid surface and then use your firing hand to grip the gun as you would anytime you are not on target (trigger finger straight), and just push against the surface. This pushes the slide back, racking a round into the chamber or possibly clearing a jam. The leverage makes the movement very easy. (Hand Model – AMSJ’s Graphic Designer Sonja Kells)

My favorite things are gadgets, but not just because they are usually something new and interesting or ridiculously fun at times. Rather, because there is a story behind them, a reason someone came up with an idea or professed a need for such a device. I’m always interested in that story.

Enter Chris McAninch, owner and founder of Handi-Racker, and here is the story. The Handi-Racker was designed initially out of need. Someone came to McAninch and wanted to know if he could devise a tool to help them rack their semiauto pistol. They had a problem with their hand that kept them from being able to grip the slide with enough force to actually rack it.


“I get calls every week from people who just want to thank me for making it

In this effective design there is a perfect notch that accommodates the front sight and can be a great tool for gunsmiths or anyone with a semiauto. It’s small enough to keep in your pocket or range bag and can be used anywhere. (Hand Model – AMSJ’s Graphic Designer Sonja Kells)

McAninch thought about it and after a few trials, came up with something that looked like a plastic bar of soap, but considerably more interesting.
Since his first successful creation and subsequent request from folks all over the nation, McAninch says he gets weekly calls from people (veterans mostly)
for no other reason than to thank him for his invention. That, he says, is what makes him passionate about this product.


What this is not – the Handi-Racker is not meant to function as a wider slide. This device is meant to work in conjunction with a solid surface such as a shooting bench, workbench, solid wall or the ground.


If you think your store is short on great gadgets and want to distribute the Handi-Racker, McAninch would love to hear from you. For more, visit ASJ




Handi-Rackers are made in America – Grimes, Iowa, to be exact. They come color coded depending on the size of your slide, and can also be used as a nice brace to securely hold your gun upside down on a workbench or in a gun store.




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