Griffin Armament introduces the M4SDII sound suppressor

The M4SDII sound suppressor is one of several new sound suppressors introduced by Griffin Armament for 2013. The M4SDII suppressor competes with other industry leading 5.56mm carbine suppressors in weight, size, materials, and construction. High grade materials and fully welded baffles rate the suppressor for full auto fire on barrels down to 10.3 inches. Sound reduction was paramount as a design objective and the M4SDII suppressor shows this by achieving OSHA safe reports of 139db while hosted on a MK18mod1 10.3-inch carbine, as well as a 34db reduction on a standard 14.5-inch M4 carbine (per MIL-STD-1474D testing protocols).
A wire edm cut taper bore reduces the likelihood of a baffle strike, as well as reducing point of impact shift. The suppressor comes in at a modest 6.6-inch length and lightweight 17.2-ounce package. This suppressor adapts to the entire M4SDII muzzle family, as well as the A2 flash hider.

For more information contact Griffin Armament, P.O. 116, Wales, Wisconsin 53183, Phone: 262-501-8447, online at

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