Lehigh Defense: Maximum expansion ammunition

Ammunition Evolution

If you believe that products must evolve to survive in today’s high tech world, then you need to take a look at Lehigh Defense’s line of Solid Copper Bullets and Ammunition. At Lehigh, the process of evolution started when they took the concept of the standard off-the-shelf expanding bullet to new, incredible heights with their line of Maximum Expansion Ammunition. The next step for Lehigh was the development of their Controlled Fracturing Technology. The engineers at Lehigh developed a complex process that allows them to Control, Predict, and Repeat the fracturing of their bullets. Their Controlled Fracturing bullets were designed around the concept that 4 wound channels with 5 inches of radial expansion provide unprecedented terminal performance. The process did not stop there. The next step in the evolutionary process was the development of their Multiple Projectile line of Ammunition. To date, Lehigh Defense has created three lines of ammunition to meet your Personal Defense and Hunting Needs.  Based on their track record, we believe that the Evolutionary Process will continue within Lehigh Defense.

Contact Lehigh Defense at (267) 217-3539 or sales@lehighdefense.com and find them on the web at lehighdefense.com.

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