What is the Effective Range of an Air Rifle?

In this field test we find out if a modern .45 caliber air rifle has the power to achieve an effective killing range of 600 yards.
Iraqveteran8888 takes a .45 caliber Air Force Texan air gun, heralded as the “world’s most powerful production air rifle,” and attempts to see if its effective killing range can reach out to over 600 yards.

It’s a fun test, as we get to see, and hear, the slugs hit a 4×8 foot sheet of plywood downrange.

After connecting on the, I think, third shot, Eric laughs and says, “How about that time of flight, people?” You can just hear the slug hitting the board after, I’m guessing, around five or six seconds.

The projectiles used were – 405gr and 350gr lead bullets – are traveling at around 900 feet-per-second.

600-plus yards is a long way for an air rifle to effectively hit a target, but the Texan reaches that distance with little trouble.

After going down range to examine the holes in the plywood board, Eric asks, “The question is, how far will it kill?”

He answers his own query: “What we’re really finding out with a lot of these videos and the data we’re collecting, and the sort of things we’re showing off, is, more or less, pretty much as far as the bullet will go it can remain deadly.”

“The bullet has to go somewhere.” – so probably the range could be farther, accuracy is a different matter.

“So, always treat some of these big bore air rifles with respect,” he says, “and make sure you know what’s beyond your target. If anything, this should be an exercise in caution for anyone that shoots guns anywhere.”

Sources: Iraqvet8888, David Smith

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