Two Girls From Lake Havasu Clay Slayers Take Home Trophies

Kirsten and Ellie at ATA state (1)
Kirsten Shaw (left) and Ellie Wachtel (right)

Brought to you by Phyllis from Arizona Female Firearms Competitors:

I was so delighted to get the following from our ASRPA Lead Instructor, Andrew Wachtel, of the Lake Havasu Clay Slayers. It is nice to feel the pride of their fathers in the emails I received with this accomplishment, as I  am a daughter who learned to shoot at or around age 10 myself from my father. Youth female shooters in competitions of all varieties in Arizona are gaining online and publication exposure. It is my hope to help in their gain of recognition with my submissions to blogs and publications. -Phyllis Gross

Last weekend, in March,  the ATA held the State shoot at Ben Avery. Kirsten won the Junior title in the single event on Saturday, the Double event of Friday and the overall title. Ellie won her first Junior Gold title in the singles event.
These two girls are on the SCTP team in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., The Lake Havasu Clay Slayers. Last year, Kirsten participated on the Varsity squad that won state at the Arizona Game and Fish Commissioner’s in Tucson and Ellie was on the Junior Varsity squad that came in second.
I am so happy to bring more recognition to our youth and adult females who shoot in Arizona competitions. I also love to bring more attention to our male youth, as they are the future teachers, instructors, trainers, volunteers and leaders in the Arizona gun community. -Andrew Wachtel

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