10mm Handguns to Check Out

Love it or hate it, the vaunted 10mm has definitely been enjoying a resurgence of late, we also like to shoot and argue about guns.
Here are some of the top 10mm handguns out there capable of taming this underrated beast of a cartridge.

  • Colt Delta Elite

    Colt stepped up in 1987 after the original Bren Ten went out of production and introduced this 10mm pistol.
    The Colt Delta Elite was for the 1911 followers, re-designed to fire the 10mm cartridge.
    It was the best of both worlds: a gun worthy for personal-defense but powerful enough to take hunting.

    Why would you use it?
    The Delta Elite is simplistic and effective. It’s for the handgun folks that want performance and reliability but don’t about being flashy. Look at its basic design, doesn’t even come with a rail system like other pistols.

    This Delta Elite pistol is for the 1911 purists – the people who know and love the time-tested Colt 1911.
    But there’s more to it than old-school cool in 10mm.
    Their double-recoil spring system makes it so that it takes some of the kick away from shooting 10mms, as well as a comfortable beavertail grip safety that doesn’t dig into your hand like other handguns.
    Delta Elite has that timeless design that you can’t go wrong with.

  • Rock Island Armory Rock Ultra MS

    Do you know whats cool about the Rock Island Armory’s 1911s? They give you that pulp fiction 1911 look and feel, and even when they add a bit of a Hollywood twist and it still like a classic.
    This 10mm pistol performs with the best of them and might be better than your .45 ACP 1911 and then some.
    Why is this gun so good?
    The reloading is simple due to the slightly larger-than-usual opening which allows the magazine fit just right without jigging it.
    The fiber optic fight sight is nice on this bad boy.
    Makes for a quick target acquisition than iron sights.
  • Glock 20

    The Glock brand and quality is enough, most people will buy it whether its a 9mm or a 10mm without thinking.
    The G20 is based on the new larger frame meant to accommodate chunkier cartridges such as the .45 ACP, the full-sized Glock 20 boasts a 15-round capacity.
    Besides from the bulk, the Glock20 weight is 27.6 oz unloaded. If you want a slimmer model Glock does make the G20 in Short Frame.
    Reliability, the high magazine capacity 15+1 and the dual recoil spring makes the recoil less. Makes this gun a good choice.
  • Glock 40

    The G40 ($770) ain’t cheap, but it just might be the closest you’ll ever reach to 10mm perfection. In terms of how well the gun shoots, you can expect for the G40 to perform similarly to its smaller sibling, the G20.
    This is why this Gun Gocks
    Think of the G40 as Glock’s 10mm handgun on performance enhancers. It’s bigger and more accurate than the other 10mm models because of it extended barrel, which is just for 6” in length.

    While the G40 probably wouldn’t be my first choice for concealed carry, it’s barrel length does make it an exceptional handgun to hunt with. The odds of you hitting and dropping that whitetail or wild hog will be better with the G40 than with some of the other 10mm pistols out there. And since you get the same 15+1 capacity as the G20, you also won’t have any problem squeezing off any follow-up shots.
    The primary purpose of the G40 is to ensure long-range accuracy. For this reason, all models come equipped with the dual-recoil spring system to help absorb any unnecessary kickbacks that come from firing 10mm cartridges.

    And while optics are sold separately, the G40 comes with a pack of baseplates that makes your handgun ready for all of the popular red dot systems, including Trijicon and EOTech optics.

  • Smith & Wesson 610

    Since revolvers is what Smith & Wesson are into, they fitted the large stainless steel “N” frame to house six 10mm rounds. Since the 10mm is a rimless design, something needed to be done to allow extraction of the fired cases from the cylinder.
    Smith & Wesson looked at a simple solution for the .45 ACP-chambered model 1917 and 625 revolvers in the past, the use of “moon clips”.

    Having to fill and empty moon clips may seem like a chore, but charging the gun or emptying the cylinders can be achieved in a flash. This makes loading the weapon after storing gun and ammunition separately more convenient.
    The 610 wasn’t very popular at the beginning.
    However, 610s are popular in the competitive shooting arena which Smith & Wesson brought it back to limited production in 1998.
    Overall, Smith & Wesson 610 offers a great deal of versatility. From shot to shot it can be a popgun or cannon.
  • Sig Sauer P220 Hunter

    As the name implies the P220 Hunter is the 10mm Auto variant of Sig’s popular P220 line of handguns for hunters.
    While it’s one of the pricier 10mm pistols out there, buying a Sig Sauer means that you’re guaranteed to get reliability and pinpoint accuracy with every round fired – which is one of the reasons why Sig won the US Army MHS contract at the beginning of the year.

    Why is this gun awesome?
    The P220 Hunter is no slouch. It’s big, bulky, and with a weight of nearly 40oz, it’s not something you’ll holster and forget about.
    If you’re humping the woods all day, you’ll feel this thing.
    With that said, the Hunter is also a beautiful gun that perfectly combines the power of the 10mm cartridge with Sig’s superior engineering.

    The truth is that there’s very little not to love about the Hunter aside from its jaw-dropping sticker price. Just looking at the gun’s exquisite design and Kryptek camo finish is mesmerizing. And when you look at all the perks that come with owning this gun, you start to justify its price tag.
    Some cool features…
    Aggressive grip texture that lets you grip firmly on the gun without irritating your hands.
    Solid stainless steel slide and frame.
    Ambidextrous safety system that feels natural and easy to operate on the fly.
    Adjustable rear sight and tritium fiber optic front sight.
    Match-grade barrel (5”) for improved accuracy over longer range.
    Sportsmen have embraced the P220 10mm readily, prompting Sig Sauer to offer a camouflaged variant geared towards hunting.

Shooting the big 10mm
If you don’t shoot the 10mm, then you give it a try to see whether you like it or not.
Some people love the 10mm Auto, while others prefer their .45 ACP, 9mm.
But in the end, it’s about what you’re able to shoot comfortably and accurately.
There are mix feelings whether its too powerful that sacrifices accuracy and the shooters that don’t have a problem managing the kick.
So its pretty much up to you, please don’t say you want one for CCW, maybe you do.
What do you all think? Let us know below.

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