Ruger SR9C – Good for Shooters

If you want a pistol for concealed carrier, plinking or for personal protection, then the Ruger SR9C might be the pistol for you.
Some folks try out guns to see how it feels and perform before deciding to get one, which is a great idea.
Some of the qualities from the Ruger SR9C were design to match certain types of shooters.
These questions below can help you decide whether the SR9C is for you, if you answer yes consider looking into the Ruger SR9C.

  • Are you sensitive to Recoil?
    Well, the low recoil of the 9mm cartridge is easy on the shooter.
    When using it with quality hollow point bullet the Ruger SR9c will put the hurt on just about any threat you may encounter short of a big 4 legged animal.
  • Are you a concealed carrier?
    The shorter profile frame on the Ruger pistol is much easier to conceal than many of the other pistol options out on the market.
    With an abbreviated print makes it hard to tell if you were packing heat.
    The comfort side is also great if you’re wearing your gun throughout the day.
  • Are you into customizing your pistol?
    The Ruger SR9c comes complete with an accessory mounting rail for tactical lights and lasers.
    Also has a unique reversible backstrap. You can adjust this without tools or separate inserts. You can choose a flat or arched grip. A very ingenious system, engineers put some thought into this.
  • Is it going to break the bank?
    The 9mm cartridge is cheaper to buy in bulk or reload currently than any of the other centerfire pistol calibers. Since the Ruger SR9c comes in 9mm, its a nice affordable choice.
  • Want something reliable for self-defense?
    The 17 round high-capacity on the standard magazines allows plenty of ammunition to protect yourself and loved ones.
    For the anti-gun states, the magazines come in lower capacity 10 round magazines.

If you’re into guns in general, the Ruger SR9C is a very good shooting system to have.
MSRP $569