REVIEW: LUTH AR MBA3 Buttstock For Carbine

Review and photographs by Danielle Breteau

The LUTH-AR MBA-3 buttstock is designed for the .223 and .308 AR-platform rifles, and it only weighs 18 ounces.

I am easily entertained, so when I received the new LUTH AR MBA-3, the latest AR-platform buttstock on the market, I spent the first 10 minutes just admiring the interior of the box. Odd, I know, but they did a very good job of decorating it and printed the installation instructions right there. This way anyone can put this new stock on their rifle without ever appearing as though they are actually reading the instructions. You can just peek over at the box, and no one would be the wiser.

I was pretty stoked about the latest creation from Randy E. Luth, original founder of DPMS (Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services), known for creating modern sporting rifles, among other gun gadgets. Luth sold the business in 2007, but much to everyone’s relief he did not leave the industry. He simply hid away, developing new products like a mad scientist, and the MBA, MBA-2, -3 and -4 are among them. MBA stand for modular buttstock assembly, in case you were twisting your mind around yet another acronym.

(Above) The MBA-3 fully closed. (Below) The MBA-3 with a fully expanded cheek weld and buttplate.

PHOTO-2B-IMG_0888For some background, if you are not familiar with the MBA and the MBA-2, then you should know that the original MBA weighs in at just 1.26 pounds, but is super strong. That’s a huge benefit to any AR-platform, particularly if you are wielding it as a bat when you are out of ammunition. All of their buttstocks are designed for the .223 and .308 AR rifles, and the MBA-3 and -4 offer expanded options to the line.

Some of the updates for the MBA-3 include:

A triple-axis buttplate adjustment capability: horizontal for linear adjustment (length of pull); vertical for a perfect buttplate fit; and lateral for a ½-inch left or right cast.

A bottom-facing Picatinny rail, which allows the shooter to add any number of gadgets – the mind reels with options.

An extra inch of height adjustment to the cheek rest for folks with high scopes or long jaws, whichever seems to be your issue.

An additional 1 1/16-inch length of pull.

It weighs just about 18 ounces. I know you are going to weigh it, which is why I was vague.

It is made of a ridiculously strong glass-filled nylon polymer.

Hold your breath because this is a big one: It has a nylon-tipped set screw. I know, I know, no more rattling buttstocks for you, plus you can lock in your favorite position and never have to worry about it creeping off mark.

The MBA-3 offers a floor-facing Picatinny rail.

This buttstock really is an excellent solution to all sorts of needs, and may help solve any number of shooting issues you may have that are directly related to your gear, not you as a shooter, because everyone knows that couldn’t possibly be the problem.

Danielle Breteau
Though designed for slightly more powerful firearms, the Luth MBA-3 buttstock compliments my nerf gun quite well.

I have to mention one thing. There seems to be a few charging handle problems associated with the MBA. The charging handle comes back and actually makes contact with the MBA buttstock. Disclaimer: This is only with certain charging handles and certain receivers. After careful research I can say that all of the MBA buttstocks meets the M16 rifle and A2 buttstock specifications. If you have an aftermarket lower or charging handle, you may want to double check your specs. For example, it is not uncommon for an aftermarket rifle to have high-sitting buffer tube. Something to think about, but Luth-AR has solutions for you if you have this issue. But of course they do.

The MBA-3 retails for $159.94 and comes in black, flat dark earth and pink. The MBA-4 is a skeletonized version of all of the MBA stocks, and weighs only 10 ounces. Perfect for the minimalist, but that is a review for another time. AmSJ

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