Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide


Zombie Survival Guide
With the upcoming epidemic, humans will be extinct at a great rate globally.

This post is intended to help you survive against zombies without firearms. Part two of this series will cover best guns for Zombie Apacalypse. There are only a few ways to handle zombies, so the following guide breaks it down to simplicity.

With information flowing in to our data center, following these simple steps and working within groups, suggest stay in groups of 10 plus will increase your chance of survival. If you’re caught by yourself with more than 1 zombie, your chance is decreased.

The following Guidelines can increase your odds of survival:


Avoidance – Run away from zombie


Termination – Final Option use any method

Zombie Infection – In case of a bite  – arm yourself with these time tables

– Depending on where the bite occurs time is of the essences to get the infected out of your area of operation

– Neck or Head Bite – 7 to 10 hrs complete transformation

– Arm Bite – 12 to 24 hrs complete transformation

– Leg Bite – 20 to 30 hrs complete transformation



If you’re out of ammo or you don’t have a firearm – some other options to consider:

– use a baseball bat

– a good size cast-iron skillet

– a flashlight to smash or to blind (white or Blue halogen light)

Look for the next post of best guns for Zombie Apocalypse.

So What are your favorite Zombie Survival Plans this summer?

Information courtesy of: Justin Briggs Infograph, REI, and Max Brook WWZ