Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide Part II


Summer is almost here and Z day is coming, Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. So you better head to your safe haven, but you better arm yourself. What will you grab or scavenge for a functional zombie killing gun? Here’s some of our favorite firearms to grab.

Perfect when you are faced with a street full of zombies, you don’t want to go wasting ammo, making noise instead of composted zombies. And you want one lightweight, handy, durable, and with a light on it. be sure to have plenty of .223/5.56


Second choice for shotguns would be an 870, and needs to have an extended magazine tube. If at all possible, it would have a Vang choke job done to it, so I’d have tight and consistent buckshot patterns out to a useful distance.


Want something that’s durable and can scatter some rounds at zombies get an SKS.


Springfield M1A SOCOM II
This rifle packs plenty of punch for practically any big-game animal in the U.S. Good for killing zombie from a distance and for food. This one is rigged of tactical features — a 16-inch barrel, 10-round magazine, Tritium front sight and an extended optics rail


Glock 17
It’s simple to use, just point and shoot. Its an easy handgun to pick up and shoot and can train your family on it within minutes. 9mm Parabellum being a common round to acquire is a good pick, most security and police carry 9mm.

Let’s move onto targeting the zombie for quick takedown.


Run Awayzombie_m
If you’re going to run, be sure to have a plan of gettting out of your area and where you’re headed. Makes no sense to run to an unknown destination. Ideal place to run to is the most secluded area like an island. Tell us where you would go to hide from Zombies for short term and long term.

Be Safe!

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Looking to get some Ammo, have a look below.