Poacher Caught with a Suppressed Rifle

The Oklahoma Wardens catches another road hunter.
The Oklahoma Game Wardens recently busted a hunter who was illegally taking out turkeys with a suppressed rifle.

Thanks to a tip from the public (via Oklamoma Game Warden Facebook)that clued in wardens Blake Pearson and Mark Murray to a suspect.

On April 13 Game Wardens Blake Pearson (Kingfisher County) and Mark Murray (Oklahoma/ Canadian Counties) seized 5 illegally harvested turkeys from a subject.
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Warden Pearson had received numerous calls in previous weeks regarding a vehicle that appeared to be road hunting. Pearson was finally able to get a complete tag number from a landowner.
The landowner obtained the tag number after seeing the driver holding a rifle out the window pointed at a field full of turkeys. The suspect was found working on a drilling rig in Kingfisher County.

After a short interview the suspect admitted to shooting five Tom turkeys with a suppressed .223 rifle. Charges for illegal possession of wildlife including possible restitution, hunting without landowner consent, and shooting from a public roadway are pending in Kingfisher County District Court.

In addition, when a suppressed weapon is used to illegally harvest wildlife in Oklahoma, an additional $500 enhancement is added to all of the charges.

Sources: Oklahoma Game Warden Facebook