New “Guntucky” show features Kentucky’s famed Knob Creek Gun Range and zombie shooting

“Guntucky”: The Sumner family.

CMT’s new show “Guntucky” is a gun lovers dream. Fans get to see what goes on behind the scenes of Kentucky’s famed Knob Creek Gun Range. On the episode titled “Zombie Apocalypse” that aired on April 28, the Sumner family constructed a zombie filled course for a customer who wanted to take on an army of zombies.

While preparing for the zombie shot, the guys visited a local man’s zombie apocalypse bunker looking to stock up on the perfect guns to take on a herd of zombies. One of the weapons they stumbled onto was a crossbow, which is the weapon of choice for “Daryl Dixon” (Norman Reedus) on “The Walking Dead.” Of course, the gun-loving Sumners decided to pass on the crossbow, and ended up with some pretty cool guns.

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