Patriot Ordnance Factory Focuses On ‘Relentless Reliability’

Patriot Ordnance Factory celebrated its ten-year anniversary in business in 2012 and was the original company to introduce the gas piston system to America’s rifle, the AR-15. We at POF-USA are dedicated to produce the highest quality rifles for law enforcement, military and the law-abiding citizenry. Our motto of “Relentless Reliability” is strictly adhered to by building and assembling everything in the United States by Americans from companies owned by Americans.

Some of the other innovative features in addition to the Short-Stroke Piston we have introduced are the Roller Cam Pin, Nitride Heat Treated barrels, One Piece gas blocks, Oversized Heat-Sink barrel nut, and Free Floating monolithic Modular Railed Receiver. All of these and other features combined together make our Rifle not only reliable but extremely accurate as well. Many say that it is the most accurate rifle available in the AR platform.

In addition to the many exclusive items we manufacture for our rifle and sell separately we also have developed two drop in trigger groups. One of which is our new “EFP” for Enhanced Finger Placement trigger which has a flat pad on the bottom of the trigger to allow the shooter to find the same place each time for consistent pull leverage.

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