Olight M2T Warrior

I semi-retired from reviewing flashlights…but when Olight reaches out to me, it is my pleasure to come “out  of retirement.”  I’ve mentioned this in Olight reviews before, but Olight won me over when they donated an entire day’s GROSS SALES PROCEEDS to the family of Marshall Hoots, the founder of Goinggear.com.  Marshall passed away at far too young an age, and the proceeds of the sales will definitely help his wife and children.

Also, my first “good” flashlight – 9 years ago – was an Olight M20T, so when essentially the modern iteration of that light came available, it was easy to agree to give it a quick review.


It’s a nice looking light, easy to hold in the hand and is supplied with a reversible, deep clip.

The light comes supplied with 2 CR123 batteries in a carrier, but can also run (at higher levels) on 1 18650 cell.

I’m a big fan of the Olight interface.  It’s too embarrassing to admit how many flashlights are in my collection, but I typically carry an Olight S1 Mini Baton because it’s small and I love the side button interface.  This light has that same type side button interface but adds a rear “tactical” button.  You can access level 6 (1 lumen) with a press/hold of the side button.  Double click that side button for level 2 (600 lumens). Double click it again for Turbo (level 1). With the light on, press and hold the side button to cycle through levels 5.4.3,2.   Press and hold the rear switch to have constant on Turbo – soft press the rear switch for momentary.  You can also use a combination of the side/rear switch to activate enhanced tactical – in this mode the rear switch activates a strobe.

Another nice feature is the lockout – press and hold the side switch (from off) for 2 seconds and it locks out the ability to switch the light on.  Repeat that procedure to reactivate the switches.

The light comes with the aforementioned CR123 cells in a carrier, as well as a holster and lanyard.

The LED is a CREE XHP35 and appears to have a 5500k tint.  Shown here next to the output from a 4000k light.

The Olight M2T is, in my humble opinion, a great value priced at around $70.  Lots of light in your hand for a decent price.

You can find more information and other Olight products at www.olightworld.com