Oil Filter Suppressor for your gun

A quality suppressor can cost close to $1000. If you are on a budget, this guy has the solution for you – an oil filter. Has anyone ever tried one of these? It sounds pretty damn quiet!

Video Transcription:
[Chris] Alright, I’m Chris with American Specialty, and we’re here with Tom Cole, owns Cadiz Gunworks. We’re gonna show you the Econo-Can, which is a registered adaptor that is actually a suppressor with the ATF. You take the suppressor, and you put it on the oil filter, and then screw it on your gun like the one over here. We’re going to show you the difference between an actual suppressor, and the econo-can that you can get for seventy-five dollars, and register it on a $200 tax stamp.

[Tom] This is Tom Cole with Cadiz Gunworks, demonstrating our econo-can on a P-22 walther, and this is not an airsoft.

[loud clicking on fire]

[Chris] Definitely bulletholes, an airsoft gun is not gonna do that.

[Chris] Alright, now we’re gonna try the econo-can with a larger can on it, on a 10-22 short-barrel rifle. Go ahead.

[loud clicking]

[Tom] You’re right, it’s not sighted in.

[Loud clicking]

[Chris] That’s quiet.

[Loud clicking]

[Chris] Alright, now compare it to a Walther with a sparrow– 22 sparrow suppressor on it.

[Loud clicking]

[Chris] Alright, many of you recognize the hillbilly deluxe from one of my previous videos, we’re gonna run it full-auto through the econo-can with a larger can.

[Fast Popping]

[Tom] I think we’re not getting any major stress to the body of the cylinder. Just a nice hole in the end.

[Chris] Thirty rounds of full-auto.

[Tom] 5.45 by 39.

Source: American Specialty Ammo Youtube

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