Measuring Gun Suppressor Sound Pressure

Elite Iron is one of the leaders in providing gun suppressor in the U.S. There’s been questions about “measuring sound pressure level reduction the ins and out of it.

Measuring Sound Pressure Level Reduction – How it’s done.

Elite Iron uses the industry standard Bruel & KJaer Model 2209 sound meter. The tool is re-calibrated annually by Bruel & Kjaer to ensure its functioning properly.


Using US Military standard testing procedure for sound suppressor consists of:

  • The meter should be placed one meter away from and 90-degrees to the side of the firearm’s muzzle and held parallel above the ground at a height of 1.6 meters over a non-reflecting surface
  • The muzzle is positioned perpendicular to the microphone before each shot
  • Ten non-suppressed readings are taken first and then averaged to provide a baseline figure
  • Ten sound-suppressed readings with 3 to 5 minute cooling intervals between each shot are taken


This data is also averaged and the result subtracted from the baseline figure. This figure represents the degree of sound suppression.
Other factors during recording:

  • The ambient temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Elevation above sea level and date

It’s important to note that there will always be minor day-to-day variations in the data obtained as a consequence of changes in the weather parameters.

Using the procedures described above, the actual sound pressure level reductions and specifications of the Elite Iron suppressors are the standards that Elite Iron instills into their suppressor products.

Here’s Youtuber X-Ring explaining how they test the decibel in this video.

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