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Rifle Suppressor

What is all involved in owning a suppressor for your rifle? Currently, in the U.S. under the National Firearms Act there are stringent taxes and regulations that manufacturer must adhere by. Out of the 50 states, only 39 states can legally possess a supressor. There are 11 states that are prohibited, click on the accordion below.


Buying Process:

  • Locate a NFA dealer
  • Fill out application to Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms – ATF Form 4 in duplicate, passport photo with 2 fingerprint cards – ATF form will be similar to 4473 Form for handgun/long gun purchase, at the space for reason of purchase state “for all lawful purposes
  • Fee of $200  made out to BATFE – this buys you a revenue stamp, which is the legal document allowing possession of a suppressor.
  • Thorough criminal background check conducted by local police or county sheriff’s department – Form 4 must be signed by Chief Law Enforcement Officer – Approval process takes several month
  • Once Approve – dealer will call you to come pick up your suppressor and tax stamp document.
[jaccordion size=”normal”theme=”blitzer|cupertino|overcast|*smoothness|vader” active=”*”]States Prohibited for Possession of Suppressor:: – California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia[/jaccordion]
Be sure to keep you approved document in a safe place as long as you own a sound suppressor. It’s a good idea to make copies to have on hand in case the original is lost or misplaced.

Canada Information

A suppressor is a “prohibited device” under their Criminal Code. Though a prohibited device is not illegal but it does require special and very specific prohibited device license for its possession, use, and transport. Importing into another country is prohibited for civilians, but allowed for law enforcement, conservation agencies, and military.

Information courtesy of Elite Iron.


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