Meister Bullets: Unique lead-cast and rubber bullets

Meister1Not all lead cast bullets are created equal.  Meister lead cast bullets are the only ones that stand apart for serious and novice re-loaders alike.  Not only are Meister hard cast bullets made with triple cleaned lead which make them of the highest quality, but unlike many bullet casting companies, Meister takes their bullet casting a step farther. Their manufacturing process includes a step that coats their bullets with a special clear sealer.  The sealer acts as a guard
to protect the re-loader from possible harmful lead exposure that you would experience from handling un-sealed cast lead bullets in the loading process. Meister bullets are lubed with a high quality blue lube to reduce
leading in the barrel.

Need to practice your quick-draw? Meister is also the manufacturer of the X-Ring Primer Powered Rubber Bullet which is excellent for practice. It is also ideal for teaching gun handling and gun safety. X-Ring Rubber Bullets can be used indoors in well ventilated areas and are accurate at short range.  X-Ring Primer Powered Rubber Bullets are
available in 40/10mm, 38/9mm, 44 and 45 calibers.  X-Ring Rubber Bullets may be re-used many times if captured undamaged and wiped clean with a high quality automotive rubber or plastic cleaner.


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