Hatch Outwest Bipods

Hatch Outwest is a family-run business located in Dayton, Idaho. Started in 2015 by brothers Josh, Jared, and Aaron Hatch, their main focus has been to produce one bipod that could do it all. We are avid hunters and we’re constantly looking for a bipod that would fit our style of hunting. 

We were tired of having missed opportunities for a shot at a trophy animal because we were trying to set up in rough terrain. We decided to design a bipod that would be quick to set up and would also have a huge height range.

Hunting trophy class big game is an investment, not only financially, but also physically and mentally. Hunters want to have all of the advantages they can on their side. We wanted a quick, solid, and versatile bipod, so we created the H.O. V-3. Our bipod was designed mainly for the backcountry, hardcore hunter that demands a very effective shooting platform. However, it is so versatile that anyone who shoots with a bipod will appreciate its features. Our bipods and accessories are made in the USA.