Man loses leg after shooting at Tannerite filled Lawn Mower

Shooting at Tannerite can be fun to watch, but its important to be safety minded. In reality this is explosives and there are instances where accident happens when one doesn’t heed to safety.
Like this 23-year-old David Pressley and some friends put about three pounds of Tannerite into an old riding mower with the intent to shoot it and blow it up with the explosive.

The story goes, after “getting more than 20 shots” off the lawnmower exploded. Pressley can be heard yelling “I blew my leg off!” and blood spatters appeared on his person.
Pressley’s friends applied a tourniquet around the the injured man’s leg, helped him into a vehicle and drove him to a nearby road to be airlifted to a hospital.
Pressley’s left leg was missing below the knee.
Atlanta officials stated “there’s no telling how many injuries occur from Tannerite use.
The general rule-of-thumb is to be a hundred yards away for every pound of explosives used.
Presslye was only over 40 feet away when the explosion occurred.
Video shows a man identified as Pressley firing into the lawn mower with a semi-automatic rifle.

Sources: USA Today Youtube