World's Fastest Shooter

The late Bob Bunden was the world’s fastest pistol shooter in the world. He was coined as one of the fastest humans on earth by Guinness World Record. This man can draw and shoot a .45 pistol single action revolver from the hip with speed and deadly accuracy.

Here are some feats that Bob has accomplished:

  • Fastest shoot from the draw – seeing is believing, but the eye can’t track his movement.
  • Shooting 2 balloons at 10 feet stationed 6 feet apart.
  • Splitting a playing card

The Current Modern Day Gun Slinger
Enter Howard Derby who’s lighting reflexes is put to the test with this reaction shooting. Sport science calls it muscle memory when reacting to a stimulus over periods of time. Its not about training your muscles to be quick, but a quick mind.

The idea is the more you train the better you get, mental training greatly supplements the physical action as well.
Video Courtesy of Youtube/History Channel