Komatsu Wooden Replica Guns

I came across Komatsu Ltd from his custom Multicam samurai armor (shown above). While looking for more information about the custom Cordura armor, I discovered a treasure of stuff. Komatsu had documented some of the build of this custom sewn armor along with an amazing body of work in wooden gun replicas.
We have seen wooden replica guns in the past. Splinter Sell made some HK guns and FN SCARs. Then there is AK47 shooter and his giant AK made of pallet wood.
Take a look at this FN SCAR MK20 in the photos below. That isn’t an airsoft gun. It is made of wood!

Closer inspection you can see it was hand carved and shaped.

The level of detail Komatsu puts into these models is amazing.

FN SCAR17. The details of this wooden replica gun is pretty good. Although the “Ugg Boot” stock is a little off.
But he did not stop there: Check out this Fabrykabroni MSBS.

Here is his S&W M&P Shield. There is a certain amazement and yet there are small details he is missing. Such as the lack of slide serrations and markings.

VSS Vintorez anyone?

Yes he even made a Barrett .50BMG.

MOD.96 Mini-Beryl

nosler history

HK416 with what looks like a Magpul UBR stock

wooden M110A1  magazines

I don’t know if Komatsu is selling off these wooden replicas. In the ‘about’ section of his Facebook page he claims that he is a sophomore in high school. The Facebook page is relatively new and appears to have been created earlier this year.
Compared to the other wooden replica guns, Komatsu’s creations hold their own. Splinter-Sell’s guns look like they are laser cut sheets of wood built up into the shape of a gun.
Whereas Komatsu’s guns look like they were carved out of solid blocks of wood. There are some details that are a little off or missing, but its still some great art work here.
Would’nt mind owning some of these for the man cave bar room down in the basement. Check out Komatsu Factory Facebook page for more info.

Source: TFB, Komatsu LTD. Facebook