Here’s the shooter’s answer to the Ice Bucket Challenge and it benefits children with autism!

Welcome to the HOG SHOT CHALLENGE benefitting children with autism and other developmental disabilities created and brought to you by Legally Armed America. This benefit will be first spotlighted by our “Hog Summit” hog hunt being held in November.

100% of proceeds will benefit children with autism and other developmental delays. Not 27% or 50%…100%.

1) Simply challenge three friends to take the Hog Bucket Shot Challenge,

2) Acquire a bucket or anything else resembling a hog,

3) SAFELY blow the pseudo-hog to pieces at your local gun range with your favorite firearm,

4) Post your video to Legally Armed America’s Facebook page or email us at with a link to your video on Facebook or YouTube,

5) Then make your donation by clicking on the HUNT FOR HELP icon on our website at You can make a donation for $1.00 or $1 billion…whatever you like.

Thank you all in advance for helping out these children while having a little fun. Now get to work! And be creative.

If your hunting event or shooting organization would like to spotlight this fundraiser please contact us for more information.

(Thanks to Windham Weaponry, Rock Island Armory, Armscor, Fostech Arms, and Epicosity for their assistance.)


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