Han Solo’s Blaster Replica that Slings Rubber Bands

Star Wars has become a pop-culture phenomenon, Harrison Ford who portrays Han Solor is a very popular one.
When one think of Han, we can imagine him quick drawing the iconic blaster pistol.
Youtuber Slingshot Channel guy, Joerg Sprave, liked the weapon so much that he made a functioning rubber-band replica.

Not only did we get a look at an awesome replica of the DL-44, but we also get to know a bit of history about the design of this fictional weapon.

Who knew it was based on the real Mauser C96 which shot a 7.63x25mm (almost a 9mm)? Sprave did a great job of recreating the look of Han’s blaster right down to the weathering marks.
Yes, this toy isn’t a real gun, but if you’re a fan of Star Wars, you’d probably love to have this to play with.
Also, isn’t cool to use glow sticks as ammo to simulate the laser blasts? You’ve just got to love this guy’s creativity.