Glock 43 vs Glock 26

Fight of the Baby Glocks
Many of us loves Glocks, for the Glock carriers that like the subcompact. There’s always a debate on which is better for the concealed carrier. Is the Glock 43 better than the Glock 26?

It’s going to be hard to see which is better when you view their specs on paper.

Or, you can view it side-to-side this way.

The specs between the two are not much differences in the length and weight. You can acquire after market magazine extensions for both Glocks to carry more rounds.
Since both Glocks are small and perfect for concealment. Firing the pistols is a little different when compared to the full frame handguns. There will be more of a muzzle flip during firing due to the lack of mass that soaks up the recoil. So you better have some a strong grip on it or you can buy a grip extension.
This may be why the aftermarket is thriving so well due to the demands on this customization.
The final decision will be up to the shooter. Will it be pragmatic to have a G43 or G26 as a backup?, Which is easier to conceal? (some folks with a larger body type won’t have a problem with the G43)
What do you all think?, let us know below.

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