10mm vs 357 Magnum – Which is Better?

Battle of the two powerhouse handguns.
Yeh, I think most gun enthusiasts understand how powerful both these handguns are.
For the non-gun educated, the term .357 magnum itself is enough to bring fear into their minds.
Both the Glock 10mm and the .357 magnum are serious personal defense calibers.
Which caliber is best against real muscles or something that simulates it?
YouTuber mark3smle tests this out by demonstrating which caliber is capable of against a ballistic gel.
Ballistic gelatin is a testing medium scientifically correlated to swine muscle tissue (which in turn is comparable to human muscle tissue), in which the effects of bullet wounds can be simulated.
This is probably what you need to understand, is that the ballistic gel gives you an idea of the path of the bullet when it penetrates a target tissue that is similar to real muscle.

You can observe the length of the penetration and the thickness of the canal. Normally, the beginning entrance is usually where its thick.
This thickness is the density of where muscle tissues are being damaged.
These two powerful cartridges penetration are quite impressive. Traditionally, the .357 magnum has a long track record of a mini-hand cannon for personal defense.
In mark3smle test you can see the .357 penetration at 22 inches.
The 10mm is a newcomer in the hunting world, but has become a big player in the market for bear hunters or anyone needing extra power. The 10mm penetration was around 16 inches.


Without talking about the numbers, both calibers are very impressive for power. If you’re an auto frame person, go with a Glock 10mm.
If you’re into Dirty Harry mini hand cannon, go with a .357 mag.
But keep in mind it is also about shot placement, if you get your shot onto a vital target then it doesn’t matter if you have a 10mm or a 357 magnum. Both will do the job.

Which would you carry?, Let us know below.

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