Get Off me Guns

Many mouse guns or “get off me” guns are available in the market, and its perfect for concealment.
With the small stature comes the debate of is that enough knock down power for personal defense?
Maybe not but like it or not, these little nostril guns play a roll as a secondary backup.
Many gun gurus talk of using these GOM guns for “dynamic cover.” Its simply returning gunfire to get the bad guy to stop an attack just enough for you to escape.
Another tactic is when your primary gun is out of commission and out of ammo and using the .22 as a tactical retreat. Its understood that the .22 is not going to be used for standing your ground.
Accuracy is not a huge priority for “GOM” guns, due to the nature of its use at close quarter. Utilizing these mouses will be at arms range or even closer if we’re wrestling.
But if accuracy is a concern and you’re a decent shot, you should be able to put it in one inch six to nine shot groups.
If you’re ok and understand the purpose of these “GOM” guns. Here are 5 “Get Off Me” guns that should help you in a tight spot.

  • Beretta 950

    Coming out in the 1950, specifically for self-defense and considered reliable pocket pistol with an 8 round mag. Easy operation made for women and the elderly.
  • Beretta 21A (Bobcat)

    The 950 pistols were fun to play with for someone with small hands, by the 1980s, the craze was double action autos. Beretta comes back with a revamped Model 21A (Bobcat) in both .25 ACP and .22lr. This double action trigger made is easy to draw and fire from the pocket instead of having to cock the hammer on the 950. Longer grip frame made it more comfortable to shoot.
  • North American Arms Mini Revolvers

    These five-shot single-action revolvers are reminiscent of the late 19th century pocket ancestors.
  • Bauer 25

    May be one of the most reliable verions of “Get Off Me” guns.
    American made of the Baby Browning fully stainless steel.
    Chambered in .25 ACP with six-round magazine capacity.
  • Seecamp 32 LWS

    This “GOM” may be the pistol that Col Jeff Cooper carried into hell. Its a double action, magazines safety, .32 ACP and no sights.
    Despite the lack of sights, some have claimed to have made head shots out past 10 yards with the pistol.
  • Taurus PT-22

    This pistol is corrosion proof polymer, not the first of its kind.

There are other mouse guns running around out there that we didn’t mention, let us know below.
As we said earlier, these “Get Off Me” guns won’t take down a bad guy with a double tap but when used wisely and discreetly with your mano mano skills, “Get Off Me” guns have their place. Like this typical scenario below shared by the folks at ShivWorks, doing their close quarter work with an emphasis on weapons awareness.
The training pistol used is full size, but imagined if you had the “Get Off Me” guns, it would probably be easier to pull out if needed.

What do you all think?

Featured Image from Recoil Web