Firearms Industry Showcase: Polarstar Airsoft

Polar Airsoft1As airsoft has become more widely recognized in the shooting industry as a safe and inexpensive training tool, so has the need for increased performance and reliability in airsoft training weapons. To answer the need for a high performance training system with rock-solid reliability and ease of maintenance, PolarStar develops and produces some of the most technologically advanced airsoft training systems on the market today. And, we do it right here in the U.S.A.!

Polar Airsoft2Being a veteran owned and operated company, as well as being active members of the airsoft community ourselves, we are well acquainted with the requirements of today’s top level airsoft competitors and instructors. Everything that goes into the development of our products is a direct result of experience we have gathered over years in the field.

Our flagship product, the Fusion Engine™, is one of the most reliable and high performance airsoft systems available today. No matter if you need a high fire rate CQB setup or a high velocity sniper platform, the Fusion Engine™ can do it all without sacrificing dependability or trigger response. Constructed from CNC machined aluminum our system is extremely durable and is even capable of operating under extreme temperatures without decreased performance or reliability.

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