Firearms Industry Showcase: NextLevel Training

NextLevel Training1NextLevel Training was formed in 2010, when founder Mike Hughes was searching for a tool to allow him to train shooting skills more frequently and efficiently. Conventional dry fire did not provide feedback or allow consecutive shots. To fill this void in firearms training the SIRT Training Pistol was invented.

SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) technology uses a laser system to track muzzle movement. By being able to visually see where the laser is impacting the target, SIRT provides immediate and accurate feedback to determine the quality of each shot. This instantaneous feedback allows the shooter to correct trigger mechanic issues during training without racking the slide, encouraging more repetitions per training session. Built to the highest standards of strength and durability, the SIRT Training Pistol is an inert standalone unit that when fully assembled is designed to match the weight of your live-fire pistol.

NextLevel Training2NextLevel also offers a SIRT that retrofits in your AR-15, allowing you to train with your upper and lower. SIRT products are designed to make training more convenient, accessible and fun. Because SIRT is 100 percent inert, shooters can train anywhere, anytime. To learn more about SIRT Training products, visit us at

NextLevel Training is located in Ferndale, WA near the foothills of Mt. Baker. NLT’s mission is simple, to passionately and energetically be the leading provider of quality training products that facilitate sustainable, high volume, diagnostic training to enhance higher levels of firearm proficiency, that is effective and fun.

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