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airsplat1AirSplat, the nation’s largest airsoft retailer, recently opened a new retail location in the Los Angeles area, making it their second retail store in the United States.

To celebrate this milestone, Airsplat hosted a Grand Opening event with more than 1,500 people that attended from all over the United States and over $15,000 in prizes to thank their supporters. This event also featured many vendor from many popular brands in the airsoft industry, airsoft teams and amazing in-store only specials that included many popular guns for only .99c!

airsplat3The long awaited AirSplat Los Angeles retail store is located at their headquarters in Irwindale, California and it features thousands of the most popular airsoft guns, parts, accessories and gear. The store also features a lounge area fully loaded with video games, arcade machines, and an onsite shooting range. Airsplat is also the first in the industry to offer a unique “touch-and-feel” store approach by allowing all of its customers to walk into the store to touch, feel, and play with the guns. All guns and accessories will be out on an open display for customers to enjoy and test the guns before their purchase.

airsplat2As stated in their recent press release; “The new store will be an amazing milestone for AirSplat. We are definitely aiming to provide our loyal customers in Southern California with a one-of a-kind shopping experience,” says AirSplat’s Marketing Manager Alfonso Fernandez. “As the largest airsoft retailer, we are committed to providing airsoft enthusiasts with the right product mix needed to complement their expectations.”

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