Crouching Mongoose and Hidden Cobra Kung-Fu

It’s a battle classic between a mongoose and a king cobra.
The Indian grey mongoose is well known for battling cobras in the wild, but their combat melee rarely plays out for people to see.
But when a cobra on a road in this video at an unknown place, this real-life crouching mongoose wastes no time in confronting the deadly snake in a kung-fu duel.

The mongoose quickness dodges the snake’s strikes and counters with some bites of his own on the cobra.
It appears the cobra kung-fu lands some strikes (bites) to the mongoose. What makes the grey mongoose resistant to the snake venom is its thick coat and acetylcholine receptors.

In this brief fierce skirmish, the mongoose (kung-fu master) takes down the snake with a bite to the head to end it.
The mongoose quickly drags the snake off into the forest back to his trophy room.
On the bright side its nature way of keeping things in balance. For the locals, they’re probably grateful for removing dangerous snake and getting a little entertainment out of it.


Sources: Inspector Youtube