Concealed Carry Guns – Is it right for Home Defense too?

Guns are tools, and having the right tool for every task is ideal. Which is why most gun instructors will tell you that picking a home defense handgun may be different than having a concealed carry gun.
Yes, there are some pistols that can be used for both roles, but some of these guns were designed small for concealment vs a full size 1911 .45.
Which brings us back to the original statement, if you’re going to choose a handgun for home defense, here are a few things you should look for.

Home Defense
Most home defense handgun size does not matter because you’re not going to carry it conceal. These home defense pistols will probably sitting on your nightstand or in the drawer next to your bed. So yes, by all means have those full frame cannons. (1911, .357, 44 magnum, etc..)
Now for the conceal, EDC carrier thats out and about. This is where the smaller pistols like the M&P Shield, Glock 26, Ruger LCP and snub nose revolvers come in.
These small pistols were made with the concealment and comfort in mind.
Most of these smaller pistols go perfectly with or without a jacket wear.

Accurate & Shootable
Now that we understand the differences and purpose of these home defense and CCW guns. Lets talk about shootable, these personal defense pistols should be accurate and reliable.
Another thing to note is if you’re thinking of having a high capacity magazine to go with it. This all depends on the type and size of those pistols.
Good news for us is that there are plenty to choose from out in the market.

In short, be cognizant of the things to compromise on for concealed carry pistols – such as size, recoil mitigation and reliability.
All you need to concentrate on is shooting well and storing it safely.